Domesday Book



AHRC Project Data

The AHRC Domesday project is now complete and the data is available from the Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) as Study Number 5694 at:

The data is also available to download from the university of Hull (
Click on the D icon. Each item available to download is fully documented

The AHRC has awarded the completed project its highest possible grade (Outstanding). The comments of the Peer Review Panel include:

  • "an exemplary set of data of outstanding importance", exceeding expectations
  • "of outstanding importance ... of immense benefit to the study of everything for which Domesday Book is a crucial source"
  • "among the most successful of all AHRC ventures in knowledge transfer"
  • a data set which "specialists have been waiting for for a long time"
  • "the definitive search tool for what is arguably the most important source in English medieval history"
  • "will form the basis of all Domesday research in the next generation - and after"
  • the data offers "massive possibilities" for further research

Although the AHRC project is complete, work will continue on enlarging and enhancing the data. Updates will be announced through this website