collections of articles

There are annual volumes of Anglo-Norman Studies, Landscape History, The Haskins Society Journal, and Anglo-Saxon England, each of which are liable to contain material on Domesday Book. An index to the first 10 volumes of Anglo-Norman Studies (1979-88) is also available.

In addition, Domesday Book: a reassessment, edited by Peter H. Sawyer (1985) and Domesday studies, edited by J.C. Holt (1987) contain some of the more important new research on Domesday, while Domesday Book: studies, edited by Ann Williams and R.W.H. Erskine (1987), summarises the latest views on many topics. Medieval settlement, edited by Peter H. Sawyer (1976); Studies in late Anglo-Saxon settlement, edited by M.L. Faull (1984); and Medieval villages (1985), and Anglo-Saxon settlement (1988), edited by Della Hooke, include new material on settlement and Domesday. The agrarian history of England and Wales, 1042-1350 edited by H.E. Hallam (1988), has valuable articles upon the eleventh-century economy among which the chapter by Sally P.J. Harvey on Domesday England is particularly important. Anglo-Norman warfare, edited by Matthew Strickland (1992), and Weapons and warfare in Anglo-Saxon England, edited by S.C. Hawkes (1989), are useful collections on their subjects.

Finally, the collected articles of several scholars, or Festschriften dedicated to them, are available from a number of presses, including: F.M. Stenton, Preparatory to Anglo-Saxon England (1970); James Campbell, Essays in Anglo-Saxon History (1986); R.A. Brown, Castles, Conquest and charters (1989); R.H.C. Davis, From Alfred the Great to Stephen (1991); A.R. Bridbury, The English economy from Bede to the Reformation (1992); Law and government in England and Normandy: essays in honour of J.C. Holt, edited by George Garnett and John Hudson (1994); and James Campbell, The Anglo-Saxon State (2000).