Viewer pane

  • The Viewer pane contains the tabbed notebook to the right of the Browser pane. Each page of the notebook contains a different collection of views onto Domesday Book. To select a view, click its tab. Alternatively, select the appropriate tab from the View/Tabs menu. The selected tab will be highlighted. There are four different views of the Domesday data. Each may be displayed by itself. Some views are also combined with others on the tabs provided. The four views are:text

  • facsimile

  • maps

  • tables

Views are synchronised with each other; changing the data in one window automatically updates other windows. To move between entries in a window, use the Navigate menu, the navigation buttons on the Toolbar, or the Navigator in the Browser pane. To move within an entry in the text or table windows, use the Find function (Ctrl + F). All viewing windows give useful navigational information in their Caption bars and support three basic functions:

Views may be customised. Basic customisation is described under each view.

See also Customising Domesday Explorer