editorial codes

Editorial codes indicate corrections or additions to the text. All or any of these editorial changes may be eliminated from a search by using the appropriate codes when specifying a search.

INS: all insertions of any kind

TIC: insertion of the name of the tenant-in-chief

IMP: insertion to clarify the implied meaning of the text

ID: insertion of an identification made elsewhere, usually in the Phillimore notes

COR: correction to a scribal or editorial error

PHL: insertion by the editor of the Phillimore translation

SAT: all insertions from satellite texts

EXN: inserted from the Exeter Domesday, the Liber Exoniensis

KDM: inserted from the Kentish text known as the Domesday Monachorum

AUG: inserted from the satellite text from St Augustine's, Canterbury, the Excerpta

ICC: inserted from the text known as the Cambridge Inquisition, the Inquisitio Comitatus Cantabrigiensis or ICC

For the use of codes in searching the text, see properties and property searching.