Domesday Monachorum

The Domesday Monachorum is the name given to a group of Domesday-related texts which deal with the estates of the archbishop of the Canterbury, the monks of Christ Church, Canterbury, the bishop of Rochester, and some other landowners in Kent. Although they survive only in a later manuscript, they are believed to be authentic copies of texts originally compiled in or after 1087 at Christ Church, Canterbury. One of these texts is an important Domesday satellite, and it has been argued that another - a 'Kentish assessment list' - is a pre-Domesday text. It seems more probable, however, that it was a product of the Domesday Inquest, if from an early stage of the Inquest.

For more detail, see Domesday Monachorum of Christchurch, Canterbury, edited by D.C. Douglas (1944); 'A pre-Domesday Kentish assessment list', edited by Robert S. Hoyt, A medieval miscellany for Doris Mary Stenton, edited by Patricia M. Barnes and C.F. Slade (Pipe Roll Society, new series, vol. 36, 1960), pages 189-202; and F.F. Kreisler, Domesday Monachorum reconsidered: studies in the genesis of Domesday Book and its relationship to its sources and 'satellites' (1967).

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