Natasha Hodgson

Dr. Natasha Hodgson (University of Hull) - AHRC Research AssistantNatasha has recently been awarded her PhD. from the University of Hull entitled 'Perceptions of women in historical narratives of the crusades and the Latin East.' Although relatively new to Domesday scholarship, Natasha trained in Latin and Palaeography during her MA degree in Medieval Studies at Royal Holloway, and has a variety of IT skills. She has been teaching on a wide range of courses in higher education for over seven years, and is currently running an MA Option course based on her own research at the University of London.

For the first few months of the Hull Domesday project, Natasha's main duties have revolved around encoding the text of Little Domesday Book. The first task was to isolate and encode the specific formulae within entries, and then each entry itself has been encoded using a series of subject codes in order to facilitate the retrieval of similar information. She has also been involved in preliminary revision of the notes for Little Domesday in preparation for further work by the Thorns. For the duration of the rest of the project, Natasha will assist Professor John Palmer in building a database of Domesday Statistics, as well as documenting progress by revising the Codebook, Help file and Bibliography. She will be presenting her first Domesday paper based on the AHRC project in March 2006.