January 2019 - Installer for the Borland Database Engine

We have created a script to install the Borland Database Engine on all modern versions of Windows. Domesday Explorer depends on this database engine to function correctly, but the original installer program, as shipped by Borland, no longer works. The database engine itself works fine if the right files and registry entries are made. See Installing the BDE for more information.

August 2010 - 2nd edition of the AHRC funded project

The most substantial change in this revised version of the original dataset is the addition of a single file - IDs.rtf - which attempts to identify the lords of roughly 12,000 manors who are named in Domesday Book only by their Christian names. The databases of Names and Domesday Statistics have been updated to reflect these identifications. A number of clarifications, adjustments and corrections have also been made to other files, and Dr Frank and Mrs Caroline Thorn have made further improvements to the translation and to the consistency of the stock of personal names.

2010 - Anna Powell-Smith maps the Domesday data

In a major enhancement to the statistical data in Domesday Book, Anna Powell-Smith's Open Day project provides the first online mapping of names, places and major statistics in Domesday Book and - also for the first time - online facsimile images of Domesday entries. This data is now mapped at where facsimile images of the manuscript of Great Domesday Book are freely available.