customising the facsimile

The facsimile may be fitted to the size, width or height of its window, or centred in its frame, from the Window menu or icons on the Toolbar.

By default, the currently selected record is boxed in red. The next available hit will be boxed in blue as the cursor passes over it. All hits may be bounded by a black box by selecting Window/All Entries from the menu, or its icon from the Toolbar. Both are toggles: selecting a second time deselects this function.

If All Entries is selected with filtering off, all entries other than the currently selected record will be boxed in light grey.

The image may be enlarged or reduced with the zoom icons on the Toolbar or from the Window menu. Ctrl + I (Zoom In) and Ctrl + O (Zoom Out) produce the same effect. Alternatively, drag left or right with the right mouse button. To scroll the image, select the scroll icon on the Toolbar and drag in any direction with the left mouse button. In this scroll mode, the image can also be zoomed using the right mouse button.