customising the text

Text may displayed as printed in the Phillimore edition, or word-wrapped to fit the window. Text inserted by editors may be hidden, viewed as ordinary text, or displayed in square brackets. Search terms may be highlighted or the highlighting may be switched off. Foreground and background colours used to highlight search terms may be altered from the colour palettes available on the Toolbar and in the Window menu.

Styles may be edited, created, or deleted. When a project is saved, the existing style is saved with it, in its current state. If Domesday Explorer is exited without saving the project, the pre-existing style will be preserved.

To delete a style, select Window/Delete style; to edit an existing style or create a new one, select Window/Edit or Window/New Style from the menu or the appropriate icon from the Toolbar. In the Text Format window which appears, select the properties which are to be styled from the tabbed window on the left, and the formats to be applied to them from the right-hand panel. Then click the Apply button. To return to the default for a property, select it and click the Default button. As many properties as required may be given individual styles.

When the style is complete, provide an identifying description, and OK the style. It will automatically become the selected style. If the project is saved, the new style will be saved with it and will then be available from the drop-down list on the Toolbar.