Latin, clamores.

In three of the counties of circuit 6, there were separate sections dealing with Claims appended to the text for the county. Claims or disputes were recorded in other counties but were included within the text of individual entries. The incidence of recorded claims is uneven. Despite this, Domesday Book is the principal source for contemporary legal customs and for the legal disputes engendered by the Conquest.

For recent work on the legal aspects of Domesday Book, see Patrick Wormald, 'Domesday lawsuits: a provisional list and preliminary comments', England in the eleventh century, edited by Carola Hicks (1992), pages 61-102; Robin Fleming, Domesday Book and the Law: society and legal custom in early medieval England (1998); and Patrick Wormald, The making of English law: King Alfred to the twelfth century, I: legislation and its limits (1999).

See also codes for legal matters.