properties and property searching

Every word in Domesday Book has been classified according to such criteria as 'is it a place-name?', 'is it the name of a landowner?', 'does this word relate to taxation?', or 'does this word refer to the peasant population?'. These and other properties are also sub-classified to indicate the kind of place-name, the category of landowner, the type of text, etc.

Properties are searchable in two ways:

  • Search terms may be limited by their properties. To do so, append an equals sign and a property mnemonic to the search term. A search for Castle=PLC, for instance, would retrieve only those entries where the word castle appeared as an element in a place-name. Castle=-PLC would exclude such entries, retrieving those which referred to actual castles or their personnel.

  • Properties may also be searched for directly, by placing a \ sign before their mnemonic. For example, \PLC would find all entries which included a place-name.

Like other words, properties are not case-sensitive. When a search specifies a property, this will appear in the Check Results breakdown.

For a complete list of properties and their mnemonic codes, see Text coding and its links.