codes for boroughs

In many counties, boroughs were treated separately from rural manors. Boroughs were usually described at the beginning of the county, in a section confined to urban holdings. These sections are coded, allowing searches to be confined to such entries, or to exclude them altogether.

Boroughs which occur outside these sections are identified by distinctive manorial codes, as are the urban dependencies recorded within many rural manors.

For these codes, see:

BOR: The code for a borough, described within a section of the text devoted exclusively to boroughs and their customs.

DEP: The code for urban dependencies named within a rural entry

PB: The code for a borough which is the subject of an entry. Most boroughs are described in separate sections of the text devoted solely to boroughs and their customs. These can be located by another code, BOR. Those Boroughs whose descriptions occurred among those of rural manors can be detected by specifying a search for \PB=-BOR. Similarly, Dover=(PB-BOR) would retrieve the one entry where Dover is the subject of an entry among the rural holdings

PWU: The code for an urban property dependent upon a rural holding and described within that holding

For other manorial codes and for the use of codes in searching the text, see codes for manors, and properties and property searching.