Installing v1.1


Installation is simple: simply copy the files contained in the zip file over the original files. For Windows XP, these files are normally found at C:\Program Files\Domesday Explorer. For later versions of Windows, they may also be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Domesday Explorer.


If you get a message saying you don't have permission to copy over these files, you will need to log in with an Administrative account, or any account with specific permission to modify files in this location.

Read Only Files

The original files may be set as "read only", which will also prevent copying even if you have the right permissions. You can switch off read only by right clicking on files or folders in Windows Explorer, and selecting Properties. On the General tab, there is a read-only check box, which should be unchecked. If you click on a folder, you will be given the option to apply this to the folder or to all sub-folders as well. Applying to all sub-folders under Domesday Explorer will let you switch off read-only for all the files at once.


Version 1.1 introduced a minor bug when closing the program or saving a project: if the project were not given a name, a file called Default.dom was overwritten as the project name, with the result that the program would not reload.

There are simple ways of avoiding this problem: (1) give a name to a project before closing the program, or (2) answer 'No' when invited to save the project on closing the program (but this will lose any searches you created).

However, if Default.dom is overwritten inadvertently, there is a copy in the Domesday directory which can be used to replace Default.dom. If used, always ensure another copy is kept. Failing that, both the original Domesday Explorer disk and the version 1.1 download preserve the original Default.dom file and its copy.