Customising Domesday Explorer

All windows in Domesday Explorer may be opened, closed, resized or moved. Windows in the Browser pane on the left cannot be placed in the Viewer pane on the right, or vice-versa.

To close either window in the Browser pane, click on the white X on its Caption bar. To open either window, select Searches or Navigator from the View menu. Ctrl + R and Ctrl + D perform the same tasks. In the right pane, selecting a tab closes the current window(s) and opens another.

Windows may be resized by dragging the bars which divide them. The splitter bar between Browser and Viewer panes, toggles between minimising and maximising the Browser automatically. To move a window, drag it into a new position by its Caption bar.

When dragging a window, its outline moves under the cursor. If the outline is tall and thin, adjacent windows will be tiled vertically; if short and fat, they will be tiled horizontally.

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