codes for counties

There were 31 counties in Great Domesday if Rutland is accepted as a separate county, 3 in Little Domesday.

What were to become the counties of Cumberland, Westmorland, and north Lancashire were included in the Yorkshire folios, while south Lancashire was appended to Cheshire. In addition, there were separate sections for Claims appended to Huntingdon, Lincoln and Yorkshire, and a kind of index to the Domesday account of Yorkshire known as the Yorkshire Summary. Finally, a late addition to the text for Yorkshire, made after 1113, details the fief granted then to Robert Brus, composed of manors which had belonged to other landowners in 1086.

These counties and special sections and their codes are set out below in the order of the Domesday folios, the blank lines indicating changes of circuit:

KEN: Kent

SUS: Sussex

SUR: Surrey

HAM: Hampshire

BRK: Berkshire

WIL: Wiltshire

DOR: Dorset

SOM: Somerset

DEV: Devon

CON: Cornwall

MDX: Middlesex

HRT: Hertfordshire

BUK: Buckinghamshire

OXF: Oxfordshire

GLS: Gloucestershire

WOR: Worcestershire

HEF: Herefordshire

CAM: Cambridgeshire

HUN: Huntingdonshire

HC: Huntingdonshire Claims

BDF: Bedfordshire

NTH: Northamptonshire

LEC: Leicestershire

WAR: Warwickshire

STS: Staffordshire

SHR: Shropshire

CHS: Cheshire

DBY: Derbyshire

NTT: Nottinghamshire

RUT: Rutland

YKS: Yorkshire

YB: Yorkshire: Bruce fief

LIN: Lincolnshire

YC: Yorkshire Claims

LC: Lincolnshire Claims

YS: Yorkshire Summary

ESS: Essex

NFK: Norfolk

SUF: Suffolk

For the use of codes in searching the text, see properties and property searching.