facsimile view

The complete Latin text of Great Domesday is produced in high-resolution images of the facsimile of the Domesday manuscript published by the Ordnance Survey between 1861 and 1864.

The Caption bar displays the county and Phillimore reference of the currently selected entry, which will be outlined in red. Any entry in the hit list will be outlined in blue as the cursor passes over it. To select one of these entries, click inside the blue rectangle.

To zoom in or out of the image, use the zoom buttons on the Toolbar or from the Window menu. Ctrl + I (Zoom In) and Ctrl + O (Zoom Out) produce the same effect. Alternatively, drag left or right with the right mouse button. To scroll the image, select the scroll icon on the Toolbar and drag in any direction with the left mouse button. In this scroll mode, the image can also be zoomed using the right mouse button.

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