codes for miscellaneous items

Large numbers of Domesday entries record the standard information required by the commissioners and nothing else. Though important, such information becomes tediously repetitive and any unusual detail stands out vividly. Since an anecdote may often be worth a thousand statistics, these entries - approximately one thousand - have been coded to ease retrieval.

For most of these items, the content is too various to sub-categorise. There is, however, one exception. On many estates in southern England, notably in circuit 1, payments to the lord of the manor are recorded which are invariably higher than the valuation placed upon the manor, often by a considerable margin, sometimes double the stated value. The jurors, particularly the English jurors, often commented upon the harsh, oppressive nature of these high payments, and on the unbearable burden they imposed. As one of the few indicators of the impact of the Conquest on the manorial peasantry, they have a particular interest. They have been coded as a separate group.

There are two codes are:

U1: This code documents any manor which records non-standard information of interest.

V1: The manor pays in excess of its stated value

For the use of codes in searching the text, see properties and property searching.