Saving and loading projects

All searches and settings may be saved into a project file, and any number of project files may be created. Alternatively, a project may be closed without saving new work.

Projects may be created, opened, saved or closed from the File menu or from the Toolbar. Ctrl + V also saves an open project. The File menu and Toolbar offer a list of recently used projects from which you may select one to open.

To create a new project, save an existing project under a different filename. To do so, use Save As from the menu or Toolbar and select an appropriate drive, folder, and filename. Save As Type should be left as Domesday project files (.DOM).

Prior to saving, new folders may be created in the Save As form. This form also allows you to add to your list of Favourites by clicking the plus sign alongside the Favourite box. Click the minus sign to remove an item from Favourites.