Using Domesday Explorer

  • Domesday Explorer uses the same metaphor as Windows Explorer. The screen is divided into two main panes, the left for browsing, the right for viewing. Those panes can include several other sub-panes.The Browser pane on the left controls what you want to see.

  • The Viewer pane on the right displays what you have chosen to see.

The panes can be resized by dragging the splitter bar which divides them. In addition, there is a quick resize button in the middle of the splitter. If this is clicked, it will toggle between minimising and maximising the Browser pane. The windows in each pane allow you to explore Domesday Book. Toolbars and Menus provide alternative ways of browsing, navigating and searching. As you change windows, Toolbars and Menus change to reflect their different functions and the Caption bar of the currently active window is highlighted. If a menu item or Toolbar you expect to see is not visible, make sure that the correct window is active.To perform common tasks, see:

For details of the tables of cross-linked data available in Domesday Explorer, see Tables.