Domesday Explorer v1.1

The v1.1 update to Domesday Explorer can be downloaded from Google Drive:

New features include:

  1. The search window now has a handy pane containing details of all the search codes, for quick reference.

  2. Bug fix: updating an existing search no longer crashes.

  3. There are additional grey scale versions of base maps to enhance contrast.

  4. Known errors have been corrected. In particular, searches for names or places containing an apostrophe - which previously failed - will now be successful if the apostrophe is ignored. So a search for doilly will retrieve all records naming either Guy or Robert d'Oilly.

The update requires a previous installation of the original Domesday Explorer. Please see Installing v1.1 for installation instructions, known issues and fixes.

Updated Domesday Explorer Help File

An updated Domesday Explorer help file.

The original Domesday Help file (domesday.hlp) is located in the directory in which Domesday Explorer was installed, which will be C:\Program Files\Domesday Explorer if you chose the default option when you installed the program. Rename this file and keep as a backup, then place the downloaded version in the Domesday Explorer directory. The new Help is automatically opened when Domesday Explorer is next run.

Note that later versions of Windows do not support windows hlp files by default. Microsoft provide an installer for windows help support which can be found here, although we have not been able to make this work. If all else fails, all of the content in the help file can also be found in this web site.

Borland Database Engine Install Script

The Borland Database Engine (BDE) installer supplied with Domesday Explorer does not run correctly on modern versions of Windows, but the BDE itself will run fine if the right files and registry entries are copied on to the system.

Here is a script which will put the BDE on a modern Windows machine, at least sufficiently to run Domesday Explorer. It will not preserve any existing settings, and you should use at your own risk. Please see Installing the BDE for installation instructions.

Domesday Presentations

Below are a selection of PowerPoint (PPT) presentations, also available as PDF files, which highlight the effectiveness of the Domesday Explorer software, as well as providing additional information about Domesday and the Norman Conquest.

  1. Domesday History (ppt) (pdf)

  2. Electronic Domesday (ppt) (pdf)

  3. Domesday People (ppt) (pdf)

    1. Domesday England (ppt) (pdf)

    2. The Norman Yoke (ppt) (pdf)

Offline Reference

Most of the core content on this web site can be downloaded for offline viewing here. Note: this file does not reflect the latest content and links on this site, although the main Domesday concepts and help are unchanged.

Once the file has been downloaded, unzip it (free evaluation versions of WinZip can be downloaded from this link), open the folder "DB Help file" and then double-click on the "HTMLManual" file. This will launch your default web browser (as the help file has been designed in HTML). You will then be able to browse offline, at your convenience.